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Juno Beach Medical Marijuana Doctors

At South Florida Medical Marijuana MD, we understand that cannabis is an effective treatment for many conditions. Our friendly & professional staff is here to provide the highest quality, compassionate care to each of our valued patients. If you suffer from illness, or injuries and believe that cannabis could help you, but aren't sure how don't worry. Our Juno Beach medical marijuana doctors will help you understand exactly how cannabis could benefit you.


Recent scientific studies show that cannabinoids (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be used to help reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, Parkinson's, Crohn's, cancer symptoms, and more.  


Our board-certified medical marijuana doctors in Juno Beach provide each qualified patient, with a customized, cannabis-based treatment plan, for their specific health care needs. 

Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Juno Beach, FL

At your initial appointment and evaluation, you will receive a custom-tailored treatment plan, for your health concerns. It will include what type of medical marijuana will be the best to treat your condition, along with recommended doses and more.  


Our office will provide instructions on how to obtain a medical marijuana card in Juno Beach, FL.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Juno Beach, FL

There are several medical marijuana dispensaries near Juno Beach, FL. Although, approved patients can buy cannabis products from any dispensary in Florida. All of them offer home delivery services as well.

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