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How to Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Pain in 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Many scientific studies show that using medical marijuana is an effective way to treat pain naturally, without the negative side-effects that traditional medications can cause. These studies showcase how cannabinoids, the most beneficial components in marijuana, can treat the causes of pain, in addition to the symptoms from pain.

Recent changes to Florida's medical marijuana laws have expanded the qualifying conditions to obtain MMJ treatments, and medical marijuana certifications (MMJ cards). These changes have fueled a massive expansion in the medical marijuana treatments that are available to qualifying patients including;

2019 expanded qualifying conditions in Florida;

  1. Chronic pain & long-term pain management

  2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  4. Parkinson's

  5. Epilepsy

  6. Glaucoma


  8. Crohn's

  9. Chronic Anxiety Disorders

  10. Chronic Depression

  11. Chronic Muscle Spasms

In addition to the official qualifying conditions in Florida, any medical marijuana doctor who is approved by the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use can certify patients for "like conditions" as follows;

  1. Pain

  2. Anxiety

  3. Depression

  4. Irritable Bowels

  5. Sleeping Problems (Insomnia)

How Does Medical Marijuana Treat Pain?

If you are wondering how medical marijuana works to treat pain? Then pay close attention to the following.

When cannabis is ingested externally it enters the blood-stream and moves into the endocannabinoid system, which governs many important bodily functions. There, cannabinoids Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, and Cannabinoid (CBD Oil), interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors. The interaction causes enhanced electrical signals to pass through cells and systems throughout the body, where all the health benefits can be measured. Medical marijuana systematically regulated the body, naturally, so it can function better, not just mask symptoms.

Medical marijuana molecules (cannabinoids) work systematically to produce amazing effects that can reduce pain in a big way.

Here's How?

  • Medical Marijuana in both THC and CBD cannabinoids are an effective anti-inflammatory compound naturally. They can reduce inflamed tissue and muscles from within to reduce the cause of pain, not just the symptom.

  • The psychoactive part of marijuana, or THC, is also an effective way to treat the symptoms from pain too. The uplifting euphoric effects can melt away the throbbing sensations, and most of the general pain signals to the brain. This is a short term fix to treating pain, but the side effects are far less then other medications. Plus, medical marijuana can be used long-term without them. Moreover, the uplifting effects can reduce symptoms from psychiatric conditions. Psychiatrists can help formulate an MMJ solution to help relive stress and tension associated with some neurological conditions.

How To Take Medical Marijuana for Pain?

Anyone who believes that medical marijuana can treat their pain should consult with a medical marijuana doctor first. In Florida, patients must be certified for MMJ before they can buy cannabis from state-approved dispensaries. Not to mention, it's the only way to be sure that the medical marijuana treatment plan for your pain relief needs will be effective.

Each person's physiological makeup is different and requires separate medical marijuana dosages and specific healthcare requirements, only a medical doctor can monitor properly.

Patients can take medical marijuana for pain in the following ways;

Orally - Taking medical marijuana orally can treat pain symptoms effectively. This way might take longer for the onset of relief, since the MMJ must go through the digestive system, which takes time. Many patients take CBD oil by mouth using tinctures. It can be the best way to get your medication with food or drinks, which can make taking them second nature.

Inhalation - This delivery method is effective to treat pain quickly and the medical marijuana can work fast and metabolize within minutes.

Topical - When taking medical marijuana for pain by topical application its important to keep your dosages regular. This will ensure that the pain relief lasts longer, without interruptions.

Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief in West Palm Beach Florida

If you believe hat medical marijuana will help you treat pain from any conditions, just let us know. Dr. Andrea Zotovas M.D. is specifically trained in using the best medical marijuana treatments for pain, in West palm Beach Florida.

She offers a unique approach to compassionate care with a believe that medical marijuana is a more natural way to treat pain long-term.


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